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DEC Office Services

Whether you're looking for a turnkey single office at a prestigious address in your own neighborhood or opening a branch office in an unfamiliar area, DEC is the perfect solution.

DEC makes it easy and affordable to set up a first class office instantly. DEC will provide immediate office availability with professional staff to answer your company's telephone and provide clerical services, as needed. The proposition of fully furnished offices with access to a well-appointed conference room, attractive reception area and staff services is an exciting one. DEC allows your company to focus on its core competency.

Some Of Our Great Features

  • No Long Term Leasing
  • No Capital Outlay
  • Fully Furnished
  • Hi-Tech Conference Room
  • No Unwanted Hassles With Our Seceratary Service
  • Impressive, Affordable, Convenient, Flexible

For start-up companies or large corporate organizations expanding into new territory, the opportunity to enjoy lease and space flexibility cannot be overstated. For companies who may experience rapid staff growth or who anticipate a temporary office need, the short-term leases that DEC provides allows them to avoid long-term lease obligations, and maintain the flexibility to upsize or downsize their team as needed immediately while avoiding significant capital outlays.

Our State-of-the-art facilities that are move in ready, allow you to be highly productive from day one. quote

Joe Valente, Office Manager

Necessary services such as photocopying, telephone usage and mail handling are paid on an as-needed basis. Finally, the cost associated with hiring and managing secretarial and administrative support staff is avoided - while the benefits of immediate access to a team of business support specialists are fully realized.

From the moment you step into our luxurious lobby detailed with granite accents and modern business furnishings our attentive and professional receptionist will greet you and your clients in a manner your business is accustomed to. Our receptionists will answer your phone calls with your company name, and forward your calls to you cell phone or pager if you're not in the office.

Our state of the art conference rooms and media packages are available for your use as well as, copying, fax, business office machines at your disposal. There is also a full kitchen and lounge area available to you inclusively.

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Features& Perks

  • Save Thousands in Up-Front Capital!

  • Luxurishly furnished with top of the line conference room!

  • No Long Term Leasing with Great Prices!

  • Virtual Office Options!